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Together in Pajaro (TIP) was formed in the 1980s by several individuals and business owners in Pajaro in reaction to the tragic shooting of a little girl. TIP became an integral part of the community, sponsoring community events and programs as well as the Boy Scout Troop. TIP restored a great deal of community pride, as it even secured Christmas decorations for the community.

During the flood of 1995, Together in Pajaro jumped into action and helped the resident of Pajaro as much as they possible could. This only strengthened the desire to promote community amongst the board members.

In 2012, Pajaro Sunny Mesa Community Services District (the District) was approached by the County of Monterey Redevelopment Agency to own the, yet to be built, Pajaro Park. The District realized that the community of Pajaro needed this park, but was unwilling to raise taxes to support it. Therefore, a loosely organized group calling itself the Friends of the Pajaro Park was formed to secure funding for the operations and the maintenance of the park. The Friends of Pajaro Park raised funds sufficient for the first five years of the Park’s operations. They realized the necessity of forming a nonprofit organization and approached the remaining members of TIP about a merged organization. Together in Pajaro and Friends of Pajaro Park merged in 2013.

The park now serves as a place to meet friends, enjoy a game of basketball or soccer, or participate in many activities held at the park.

The next step for the organization was to ensure its continuity and the ongoing viability. Members of TIP debated various forms of management. After receiving advice from the Santa Cruz County United Way and the Pajaro Valley Health Trust and the Board approached the Central Coast YMCA about providing a part-time Executive Director and administrative management of the newly revitalized nonprofit. The YMCA agreed and another partnership was formed. TIP is now once again a uniting force in the community dedicated to bringing much needed services and support to the people of Pajaro.

Our Mission

Together In Pajaro connects residents, businesses, churches, and resources to foster a vibrant community.


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